Selecting a Tiara

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Selecting a Tiara or Hairpiece


One of the biggest challenges experienced by brides is should they wear a tiara or not. Here's some quality advice:- You can either wear a tiara or a hairpiece. Both are equally stunning. What you wear on the day is a personal choice, however, it must set you apart from your guests. So take care to make careful choices. Most brides want something comfortable, so its important to get something delicate and light. Trust us, this will make a huge difference after you have been wearing the tiara or hairpiece for a few hours. 

It is imperative to know that, before selecting a tiara, head band, hair pins, bridal comb and other hair accessories, you must have decided on your choice of wedding dress and hair style.



Selecting a Color

  • Ivory dresses

Ivory dresses go with ivory pearl or gold-toned tiaras.

  • White dresses

A white pearl, silver-tone or diamante tiara is most suitable for white dresses.

  • Dark Ivory or Champagne dresses

Dark ivory pearls or gold-toned tiaras are perfect matches for dark ivory or champagne dresses.

  • White diamond dresses

If you own a diamond white dress, it is advised that you select white pearl, silver tone or gold tiara to match.


Selecting a Pattern


It is very important to match the pattern of your tiara to that of your gown. If your gown possesses a floral pattern, endeavor to search for a headpiece with similar features. Normally, a straight-lined or geometrically patterned tiara perfectly matches a plain and modern white gowns



  • The accents of your tiara should be perfectly matched to the beadings of your dress.
  • Austrian diamante without pearls matches all types of dresses.
  • Ensure that no bridal accessory overwhelms another. All the accessories should be in harmony with one another.

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