The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Veils

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If you ask married women about their first real bridal feelings, they will reply by telling you that it was the first moment they put on their veil. It is not just a wispy piece of fabric, it is magical and an accessory that completely transforms your world so you look and feel like a true bride!

Selecting your veil hugely depends on your gown, personality and shape.  For instance; if you possess the air of royalty, select a stunner with cathedral length. If you like to look modern, then a short one wouldn’t be a bad idea. Whichever veil you select, it is imperative to consider the following points.


What length to choose

Always choose whats in your heart. If it makes you happy to go royal cathedral or even longer, don't hesistate. This is your day and that's what counts. Right? Go for the length that matches you and your personailty. Short can be cheeky and chic, medium can be strong and dependable and long is regal and dramatic.


Just a few handy tips, always try and match the color of your dress. So make sure when you getting your dress that you know the exact color it is. Many have erred and thought their dress was white only to realise that it was ivory. If your dress is champagne, do not settle for an ivory veil. You can absolutely order a champagne veil.



Veils are not always accepted by some societal etiquettes. At Veils and Tiaras for Africa, we believe that this is your special day and you can decide on everything from the food and the venue to your dress and veil. It is your right to decide what is good for you and your wedding day. So go ahead and make it a perfect day for yourself.


Do not dye

It is a fashion flaw to attempt dyeing your antique veil. This is because its value and uniqueness comes with its color and it is not necessary to completely dye it to suit your dress.  


For this and more information, contact Veils and Tiaras Africa on their website or through their hotline 072 094 3546.

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